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Are you having an eCommerce store and have international customers who like using your products, but cannot buy them from your online store? If yes, then you need to scale up your operations and upgrade your Magneto eCommerce store, so that international customers can visit your store and shop. Magento Development Services

This is a fairly straightforward task and any reliable Magento Development Services provider can implement it easily. While carrying out the implementation, the following points must be kept in mind:

Key metrics on your market wise sales and market regulations:

It is essential to gather key metrics of your markets, especially information on the demographics of the customers in the 18 – 35 years age group, buying trends, local market conditions; volumes of sales in peak holiday season and around popular festivals and competitive scenario.

It is a best practice to get familiarity of the market by engaging with a local partner who can provide local intelligence as well as facts about local rules and regulations that need to be complied with.

Proceed country-wise

Rather than going international in a big way and across many countries, a better way is to proceed country-wise, one at a time. The experience gained in one market proves a lesson for the new market.


As a long term strategy it’s a good idea to integrate your business with the local market. This means doing localization of your online Magento eCommerce store so that it connects well with local tastes and preferences, has fonts, colors and content that appeals to local audience. Being available in a language that local consumers understand also makes your e-commerce store a trustworthy one for the local audience.

Multi-currency payments

Facilitate payment in international currencies on your eCommerce store. This is an absolute must-have because consumers tend to abandon a purchase if they see prices for a product listed in foreign currency. Therefore, in order to avoid a situation of lost business, it is a best practice to provide multiple currency options on the store.

Secured and reliable payment gateway

Do exercise due diligence, when choosing a payment provider for your online store. For this your Magento development services provider will recommend you a few payment providers whose payment platform can be integrated into your online store. You will be able to make a decision on the basis of features, level of security, future upgrades, ease of operation and license fees.

Logistics is the key

As you are dealing with international customers, identify the right logistics partners who can deliver the ordered items to your customers in a fast, reliable and cost-efficient way. This will ensure that your customers don’t end up paying heavy shipment costs.

Magento development partner cum SEO services provider

Choose a reliable service provider who is well-known for Magento development services and also has expertise in SEO. This will serve two purposes. Firstly, it will ensure that your existing eCommerce Magento store will be enhanced with features to enable foreign currency transactions and secondly, it will ensure that the store gets optimized to improve visibility in local search results. On a need basis, you can also invest in PPC services. Working with one partner ensures that handover of development work and start of SEO services is carried out smoothly.


To be successful, it is a best practice to formulate a long term strategy, with a business plan and a budget for international expansion. Hire an experienced marketing consultant and a reliable provider of Magento development services; so that the functional requirements of your business can be implemented technically into your Magento eCommerce store.

Myself Mouzzam Jafri Head of Internet Marketing at Techindiasoftware. I have 5+ years of experience in IT Industry. My passion is in writing about Internet Marketing Currently I am writing about how to choose WordPress Development Services and Shopify Web Development Services.

WhatsApp Will Soon Stop Working on Old Android and also iPhone Devices


WhatsApp has actually silently revealed that the messaging application will certainly quit working on a variety of older phones, consisting of a lot of Apple iPhone and also Android phones. The instantaneous messaging application presently accommodates 1.5 billion individuals around the world. Millions will certainly be reduced from the system in the coming 2 years.

The cleanup was revealed in an article called “assistance for older os”. The firm will certainly decline assistance for sure older variations of iphone as well as for Android variation 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) and also older.
The due date for these phones is December 31, 2019. By 1st January 2020, WhatsApp on all the older OS will certainly stop to function. The phones with those OS can not set up the application currently if they do not have it currently.

Formerly, WhatsApp finished assistance for Nokia Symbian S60, Nokia Series 40 os, BlackBerry OS and also BlackBerry 10. Assistance for Windows Phone 7 was gotten rid of back in 2016.

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In addition to this, the application will certainly not service any one of Microsoft’s software application after December 31st,2019.

The checklist of running systems WhatsApp will certainly not service is:

  • Android variations older than 2.3.3
  • Windows Phone 8.0 as well as older
  • Apple iPhone 3GS/iOS 6
  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • BlackBerry OS as well as BlackBerry 10

If you have the ability to upgrade the os to any one of the complying with prior to December, the assistance for your phone will certainly not be withdrawn.

  • Android running OS 4.0+.
  • apple iPhone running iPhone 8+.
  • Windows Phone 8.1+.

Before you get to the game of Wikipedia, learn the rules


Once again, Wikipedia has earned the fifth most visited website all across the globe with more than 1. 17 million sites connecting into it after Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Baidu. Wikipedia is known as the number one cited website for the marketers to have their brand placed on to it. The massive user base and credibility of knowledge are what makes Wikipedia the idea for digital branding. Are you among the individuals who are seeking the answer to the common how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician? Before you get to the game of Wikipedia, learn the rules.

Creating a Wikipedia account and remain truthful with it.  Wikipedia can straight away block your IP address if you have been found creating chaos by unnecessary interruptions, deletion, and fabrication of the existing articles.

Enter the playground with baby steps. Make smaller edits try updating with lesser existing pages, and you will get to learn how to make edits on Wikipedia. No need to worry if you are not familiar with the HTML and the referencing format you can switch to the visual editor. The more edits you make, there are the higher chances to get instant approval of the new articles.

List the references, mentions, and the multimedia resources, and you cannot have your article published unless your content is rich in notable and correct reference once you are done writing review, review. Submit on Wikipedia for the study, if everything appears reliable, there are more chances that you will sail through the process successfully.

 Your article is approved that’s awesome, and now the significant responsibility is to get through the external edits. By contributing your article on Wikipedia, you have already accepted the policies that your article can be used publically by anyone, can be modified and challenged or taken down.

Articles in Wikipedia has internally generated links to every crucial term observed in the sentence that facilitates you to link new tabs on every sentence and get your browser full with so many costs at a time and eventually losing the sight from the very purpose. But no need to get so clouded for here we have got you the sequence of activities to perform for the process of publishing and editing even if you are beginner or professional.

The guidelines for the Wikipedia account

Being a dutiful Wikipedia citizen, you need to be truthful with your activities as the Wikipedia editor. Any inappropriate edits, unauthorized information and fake involvement, or unnecessary modifications in your article or poorly written content, get ready to be challenged by the wiki community during the review process. Hence you need to be good with the understanding of the guidelines. Invest some time in understanding what precisely is required to publish and edit the articles on Wikipedia. Therefore the policies and guidelines of printing on Wikipedia is something that needs to be considered. 

You need to create the Wikipedia account with your real identity and the email credential. Once you log in, start with making edits with the smaller details you have prior knowledge. Whatever the contributions you make should be factual and authentic. Since the edit history is publically open for other editors. Once you have several edits confirmed beneath your belt, your following edits will be auto confirmed in some inferences.

Moreover, you will get individual rights, such as uploading images and replacing pages to the general public.

Hence stay connected to an individual account and create a reputation with the edit history. Stay patient, and after having some recognized count of approved edits, you will be given the rank of the auto confirmed user. That hardly takes four days old account and ten edits. The next status is the extended confirmed user.

You can also become the administrator, read through the Wikipedia page access levels if you are notable enough with your editing and thinking for your next move of the edit practices.

If you are making efforts to create a new page its recommended to initiate after you have at least ten edits approved in your account history, as your page is challenged or gets taken down from Wikipedia, creating a new page with the same title becomes a headache, hence you should be aware and play safe.

Publishing on Wikipedia includes levels of high-end authenticity checks. Wikipedia’s standard and values along with offering free access to the information also guarantees the information is reliable neutral and verifiable.

Pre-Med Courses In a Nutshell


Some people may have encountered the term pre-med, but they have little to zero knowledge about what it truly means. If you plan to attend med school and obtain a career in the medical realm, then it is imperative you understand what pre-med is. More importantly, you need to join pre-med courses and have concrete knowledge about the type of student you are going to be.

What Pre-Med Courses Really Mean

It is basically a term that refers to individuals who want to attend med school and are joining the classes required to be there. Courses in pre-med are primarily attended by college students. A common misconception people have is that pre-med is a major. In reality, it is just a term – one that is used to inform people about his/her plans to become a medical professional (i.e. doctor) someday.

By essence, pre-med courses define what your goals are, especially since it gives you the ability to acquire the correct classes. Otherwise, your chances of getting into med school will be eliminated. For instance, your major is biology. You can expect your teacher to focus on getting all the requirements in order for said major to be completed. Even more so, he/she will make sure that each and every class you attend will significantly help in applying med school.

M.D. of International Medical Studies

If you are looking for an institution that actually provides the most reliable pre-med program, look no further than M.D. International Medical Studies. For years, we have served as the go-to bridge between schools and students. Our courses are designed to help you get access to the most accessible and affordable medical degree. With our unique partnerships across the world, you can rest assured knowing that our pre-med courses can help you get accepted to medical faculties abroad.

 pre-med course

The Truth About Robotics Everybody should Know

Robots courses
Robots courses
The Truth About Robotics Everybody should Know

Growing up I always thought of robots as the creations of evil villains, all dead set on the destruction of the world. Where would I get such an idea? That big, mysterious metal thing in The Day the Earth Stood Still kept me awake nights. Dr. Smith’s silly robot on Lost in Space wanted to be good in spite of his creator’s evil intentions. In the 1921 play R.U.R. (short for Rosum’s Universal Robots) by Karl Capek, humanoid robots — again, evil — take over the world. Incidentally, playwright Kapek coined the word “robot,” which in Czech means “forced labor.”

You’ll want to come back to that one.

Those were characters, the products of creative minds — fictional robots. Today’s non-fiction, real life robots are mostly not trying to take over the world, nor have they been created by Dr. Evils. Most recent developments in robotics have totally benevolent purposes. 

Some of the famous Robots are:

Robbie, Rosie, Klaatu, R2D2 and C3PO!

Real robots do simple household chores. Working alone or together with humans, they also build intricate machines like cars and computers. And you can sleep easier knowing that new robots keep a constant lookout for danger, while others venture into dangerous or hard to get to places where humans can’t or shouldn’t risk going. Today’s robots are all intended for good works. Saving lives, improving quality of life, saving time, saving money, fighting our wars, cleaning our floors and having our coffee ready when we wake up.

Although pretty much all of the grainy black-and-white pot boilers of the 50s portrayed robots as humanoid and vicious, a popular TV show from that era – and a blockbuster movie that came along a few years later – changed how we think of robots. The movie was of course Star Wars, with R2D2 and C3PO leading the parade of metallic movie creatures designed to do good for mankind.

Although The Jetsons was born in the 50s, when it comes to seeing the future of robots, The Jetsons is the hands down winner. Since it’s fiction, and a cartoon, the Jetson family robots have individual personalities and quirks, but they were still there to make life simpler – cleaning, cooking, clothing care, office work – like a dream that seems to be coming true.

You may ask: What exactly is a robot? The Merriam Webster Dictionary offers three basic definitions:

1. a. A machine that looks like a human being and performs various complex acts (such as walking or talking) of a human being; also. a similar but fictional machine whose lack of capacity for human emotions is often emphasized; b. an efficient insensitive person who functions automatically; (we all know at least one)

2. A device that automatically performs complicated and often repetitive tasks;

3. A mechanism guided by automatic controls.

However you choose to define a robot, you know they’re here to stay when respected universities offer robotics as a field of study.

Each year, there are more robotics design and engineering programs opening at colleges, universities and even junior colleges.

The list of the top programs is impressive, with Cal Tech, Carnegie Mellon and Colombia.

So, with all these creative robot nerds emerging with big ideas, just exactly what does the future hold?

Inventor Ted Chavalas has a good track record for having his finger on the pulse of the technological present and a crystal ball into its future. His original Panoscan MK-1 digital panoramic camera was designed with an image size capacity too large to be opened by any but the largest computers that were around in 1997; and dial-up Internet cowered at the prospect of transporting those 500 megapixel images across the web (fortunately Broadband caught up with Chavalas). Now he is introducing The Ferret, through Panoscan’s General Robotics division. This is from the company’s 100-word publicity blurb:

The Ferret is a remotely controlled camera robot, designed specifically for under vehicle inspection. Low profile, circular design, and movable lights and camera, allow The Ferret to move under any vehicle – sports cars to big rigs, night or day, to “ferret” out explosives, contraband, critical damage or leaks. With an offset range of 300 meters, The Ferret is the ideal “first robot in” for a wide range of security and preventative maintenance inspections.

You can learn about it from I.T institutes that are offering Robotic courses like : PNY Trainings

* Your dishwasher is a robot for washing dishes.

* Your washing machine is a robot for cleaning laundry.

* When you call UPS or FedEx you speak with a robot.

* The new iPhone 4S has Siri (another very smart robot).

* When your car gets dirty you can drive it to a robotic car wash.

* Every time you mail a letter it is sorted and routed by robots.

* When you go to the grocery store and buy processed foods they are prepared by robots.

How To Hire An Expert Children’s Book Illustrator

hire expert book illustrator

There are some times when simple clipart images won’t cut in, especially when it comes to children’s books and fables. Illustrations are a necessary part of children’s books and play an important role in educating and attracting children to learn through these colourful images. 

For those of you who write children’s stories may also want to consider having eye-catching illustrations for the book. Where the story outline is what makes it different from other books, the creative illustrations gives the book a unique look that makes it stand out from all others. However, the question that appears is how to find a good illustrator that can help you in illustrating your book. 

A good place to start is with your publishers. Often publishing agencies have contacts with illustrators and graphic designers who provide you with creative illustrations for your book. Where it is convenient to have someone else do the legwork for you, you might not have control over the creative process of the illustrator, or you might not get the type of work you wanted for your book. 

A better choice for you can be to hire affordable children’s book illustrators on your own so you can have the illustrations according to your preferences. Here are some steps to help you to find a creative illustrator for your work. 

Before you begin looking for an illustrator


The process of illustrations begins with the writing process. Think about the visual images you have in mind when you start to write and make notes for it. You must also understand that communication is a significant aspect of delivering your thoughts to the illustrator so he or she can create what you want. You can sketch out your ideas and leave the rest for the illustrator. However, make sure to make a draft when they are still fresh in your mind. 

How to find a good illustrator?


Once you have decided what you want, there are many places where you might find a good illustrator

  • Referrals: asking other writers in your genre for illustrators they have worked with can give an idea of hiring an affordable illustrator.
  • Google: the best place to find a good illustrator for hire. There are many sites such as Fiverr and more where you can easily find a freelancing illustrator, compare the prices and work along with hiring them according to your genre of work. 
  • Visit illustration agencies online: there are many online illustrating agencies who can provide you with creative images for your book according to your choice of work. That’s not it; you can easily have their assistance in writing your book while they work on your visions and bring them to life. 

How to hire an illustrator

As said before, illustrations are a great way to communicate and attract readers to books. Some ways to hire illustrators are as follows: 

  • Review their portfolios: reviewing portfolios can be a time-consuming process. You must understand that illustrating your book is an investment of time and money, so you need to choose your illustrator wisely. Take different options under consideration and make a list of those whose work is according to your sketches and what you have in mind. Narrow down your list by simply cutting down your options of illustrators and choose the one that is able to make creative illustrations.
  • Communicate your vision: this is the most important part of hiring an illustrator. Being an author, you must know how to elaborate your thoughts and visions to the illustrator so he or she can work to bring those visions to life. 
  • Give feedback: another important thing to consider is giving feedback to the illustrator so you can get what you require. Don’t just leave the creative process to the illustrator, but get involved with the process so you can help in creating images that can attract the readers. 
  • Share it with the market: get suggestions from family and friends to know its impact on the readers. 
  • Make sure that the illustrator is on the same page as you: this is where the magic happens. Your illustrator is the creative hand who knows how images, shapes, and colours can impact the human mind. You need to make sure that your illustrator has completely understood your concept and can connect with it to attract young minds through colourful images. 
  • Don’t forget to give credit to your illustrator: you might be the brains behind the story, but the illustrator is one who bought the book to life. Words can have an impact on young readers, but illustrations are what makes it interesting to be read by a child. So make sure that you give proper credit to the illustrator along with yourself and add links for their promotion. 


All in all, once you know the importance of illustrations for children’s books, you must also understand the need of hiring an illustrator who can provide you with creative images for your work. So take your time to research and find the right illustrator to design your book. 



If you are operational in the telecom industry, you may need the facilities of an RF engineer for your enterprise. In this post, you’ll discover everything that you want to know about this role as okay as how it could advantage a business. 

What is the Title role of an RF Engineer?

An RF Engineer called as an electrical engineer. They grip and work with devices that convey and accept radio waves. It contains almost every mobile & radio devices, and that shows how vital this role is currently. Without RF engineers, we’d fight when systems like this stopped working. RF engineers will usually work with other specialists as well as stakeholders to offer their services to clients. 

Is RF Engineer a Good Profession?

An RF engineer salary can be remarkable, with an average pay of about £92K. However, it is potential for RF engineer job growth to first earnings to reach as much as £152K. This medium will mostly be contingent on your experiences and the patrons for which your effort. Since several RF engineers now slog as freelancers, if you are powerless to find a steady flow of consumers, you will scrap to reach this level of pay. You will also need to safeguard that you have the right knowledge with a variety of systems with MapInfo & Atoll.

RF Engineer Skills & Responsibilities

To be an RF Engineer, you will need together a bachelor’s degree and to effectively clearance a licensure examination. 

There are a variety of core abilities that you will need containing advanced skills in maths, the capacity to know wireless networks, and an in height level of information in Microsoft Excel. You must know LTE networks and cell site plan as well as crucial assistances. 

More distinctive jobs skills that are also important include the power to work as a crew and arrange your assignment while being able to solve problems.

An RF will also have various responsibilities with the optimization of the current network. Moreover, an RF will also need to safeguard that regulatory standards protracted. In order one of the explanations of why it’s significant to pass licensure exams.

An RF Engineer will also be predictable to build a new wireless network. These might include land surveyance to ensure that crucial elements are set up in the right place. 

What does RF Engineer do?

Always as an RF engineer comes with numerous duties. , contains collecting data, analyzing info that has been gathered and making improvements to radio design. As well as taking dimensions for electromagnetic radiations, an RF engineer will offer design modules. They will improve how real systems are at communicating. RF engineers can shield multiple data sites and test the designs and troubleshoot issues and take a hands-on methodology with connections. 

How to Find an RF Engineer with FieldEngineer?

Are you intense to hire an RF engineer for your business? If so, get Sign up on FieldEngineer.com might be the perfect answer.

The platform has flagged the way for companies to Hire RF Engineers on-demand across the world. You will be able to select the professional you want for the fee that matches your financial necessities.

There’s no stay with this service as you can hit into a pool of 40k engineers located in over 180 different nations. Track them over the platform, pay them, gain constant updates, and keep linked as they complete the eventual service for your commerce. 

When everything handled for you, you can provide an efficient, high-quality solution to your clients and boost your business reputation while keeping costs under complete control. 

Similarly, RF engineers keen to find clients can also utilize the facility. As an engineer, you need to answer to job posts, place bids and discover great companies. With FE, it’s calm to find the customers that you need functioning as a specialized freelance RF engineer on the marketplace.

Web design or web development, what’s the distinction?

Web Development

By breaking down Google Analytics, we can see that organizations are searching for both a web design firm and a Web development organization.

At present, these terms can nearly be supplanted by the name of ‘elective Internet organizations’ to depict their administrations.

Actually, the terms allude to two on a very basic level various parts of the site creation process that require two exceptional ranges of abilities.

For what reason is it critical to know the distinction when searching for somebody to design and build up your organization’s website? We should check whether we can give some clearness.

Website Design versus Web Development

Basically, Web design alludes to both the stylish piece of the website and the convenience. Website designers utilize different design programs, for example, Adobe Photoshop, to make a format and other visual components of a website.

Then again, web engineers design a website and right now make one. Web engineers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and other programming dialects ​​to empower design documents.

Web Development

Web development Pakistanis now trending and many people are taking interest to develop web development skills.

Web Design – A more intensive look

Web designers ought to dependably begin considering the objectives of a customer’s website and afterward go to the data structure to decide the chain of command of website data and guide the design procedure.

From that point onward, web designers can begin making wireframe structures lastly proceed onward to the design stage.

Web designers can utilize numerous essential design standards for tasteful design, which additionally gives a fantastic client experience.

Web Development

Standards of design

Equalization – It is significant for web designers to make a fair introduction. In web design, we allude to substantial components (wide and dull hues) and light components (little and splendid hues).

Utilizing the correct proportion for everybody is critical to accomplishing a decent website.

Complexity – In shading hypothesis, differentiating hues are those that are set against one another on the shading wheel (see additionally integral hues).

Web design gives different regions in which variety is appropriate. Designers analyze sizes, surfaces and differentiating shapes to distinguish and attract regard for explicit segments of the site.

Center – We talked about this a bit during the exchange of difference. Accentuation is put on the design standards set up in the conscious ‘featuring’ of some significant components of site arranging.

It is essential to take note of that on the off chance that you center around everything on the page, you will finish up underscoring something.

Envision a page of a book where 80% of the substance is featured in yellow … Accomplishes something truly emerge? It’s a great opportunity to investigate this data structure.

Consistency – additionally called redundancy or musicality, consistency is a basic rule of web design. For instance, the perfect and steady route gives the best client experience to guests to your website.

Unit– The unit is the connection between the various pieces of the arranging and arrangement of the site overall. As per the Gestalt hypothesis, solidarity manages how the human personality outwardly sorts out data by gathering components into classes.

In short, Web development Pakistan covers all aspects of digital development that is required for any developing country.



Seven Characteristics of a Perfect Logo Design

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