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Wikipedia, the name that does not require any introduction. The name that has become big in just a decade, the name that is doing wonders. However, it is not just the name but the platform itself and its offerings that have made the odds to be turned around for it. The platform was created in 2001 with the aim of making it one of the most powerful online encyclopedia in the world. However, the strategy chosen to get the same done was not get aligned with the goals. And then Features Wikipedia was made open for contributions from people all around the world and possibly this was one of the most important factors in making Wikipedia. The biggest online encyclopedia in the world. But this was not the only thing. Here are 5 of the amazing features that this platform has offered for its page creators.

Reaching Millions of People Instantly

First things first, Wikipedia has not originally offered this feature or benefits. But with all the efforts and with all the contemplations it has been brought on the table for the page creation. This is one of the biggest reasons why people want a page on Features Wikipedia. Getting to millions of people in an instant is what they aim for. And Wikipedia with its reach of 50 million visitors regularly can get you to this.


Well, how many of the content marketing or online encyclopedia platforms have offered their services for free? Well, not much of the platforms will let you post your content for absolutely free. So, but with Features Wikipedia it is possible, and this is another feature or benefit that invites people to the platform. It charges no costs, and it makes you turn some experiences out in the information creation or similar things. However, if you think that you are not able to create a page and require a Wikipedia consultant to get your page to have all the right things that might incur you some costs. But then again the platform does not charge anything for page creation.

You Can Track Your Page’s Activities

Not just posting the content is the goal but knowing the impact that your content is creating a part of it for most of the people. People with these aims could consider Wikipedia. The reason is that Wikipedia offers you the benefit of making contemplation on tracking the activities of your page. Daily visits, the region from where people are visiting. And such other things could be seen with the page tracking. And the stats then could be used in making a future content strategy or even making the same content better. This could also be projected with the future marketing objectives of the page creator.

SEO and Backlinking

SEO is one of the greatest techniques of digital marketing at this time. It is required to make considerations on the conversion of readers to clients. And this is what Wikipedia could also offer to the page creators. This is one of the areas that could be considered as a benefit or an amazing offering. That Wikipedia has given it to the page creators. SEO backlinking. However, on Wikipedia might be a bit constrained and a bit more restricted. Because it is aimed to create awareness instead of marketing and promoting brands or organizations.

Update It Whenever You Want

Updating and editing the content after posting is not something that all of the encyclopedia. Or content marketing platform offers. But Wikipedia surely does. Wikipedia page could be edited and updated as many times as you want. This is something that could be considered amazing for the page creators. As they can update their target market according to the things that you have in the current times. This is another great benefit that only a few of the platforms offer, and one of them is Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a platform that has got some amazing potential in terms of getting the content to have the wide reach as well as making the page creators have the benefits of getting amazing ideas to create the content to be used in their benefits.


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