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Logos were always underrated and people in this world have realized it now that logos can serve a number of purposes at the same time. But this is now what is the trendiest thing about logos currently, the trendiest thing about logos currently are the platforms that have made logo designing to be free and this is how business especially small businesses are getting their brand objectives and activities to the next level. Are you a business too that requires a logo and have the urge to create it for free? If you have answered this question as yes then the things that are coming next might be a great help for you.



Ease and simplicity are what this platform has brought into the field of logo designing. You can design a new business logo on this platform with a simple and easy process as well as the basic level of editing is also offered here. This might make you able to design a logo that is a perfect fit for your business. One thing that is to be mentioned here is that you can download low-resolution files for free at Designimo whereas high-resolution files are required to be purchased.

Logo Makr


It wouldn’t be fair to get this list done with mentioning LogoMakr in it. It is one of the best free logo design platforms that anyone can access. It has a stock of million icons with hundreds of fonts available there. You can choose whatever you want and can design a logo for absolutely free. Quality and free logos are what they deliver however there is an option that makes you able to connect with the professional designers for logo making assistance which incurs a little cost.

Design Mantic

If you are looking for a website that enables you to create a logo with walking through a few simple designing steps then Design Mantic is a perfect choice. A few simple design steps will make you get a logo here on this platform specifically for the business or industry you are in. This platform also offers the opportunity of letting you search for the best logo options available on the basis of the keywords that you have.

Logo Verge


Even I have used this platform to create my logo and I have no regrets in stating that I have used it because it delivered what I wanted. This website has the best icons, fonts and other elements of logos to be accessed for free. The process through which you create the logos is comparatively easier from the other websites or platforms that I have used. It lets you create an amazing logo through just a few simple steps and even multiple resolution options are available for the same. This is highly recommended if you are looking to create some free logo and have minimum knowledge about the logo designing aspects.

Logo Garden


Well, another name to the competition in this field is Logo Garden. A wide variety of fonts, icons, and images to select from will not only give you a chance to create a logo but also will give you help in implicating the innovation and creativity in your logo. Alike many of the other platform you can design a logo for free and to get it from them will require you some costs. But isn’t it a good deal to have it designed for free and then have on board for you with just a little cost?


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