Wikipedia is an internationally recognized website that was initially created to provide an encyclopedic information resource that everyone can access for free. It is one of the greatest online encyclopedias that human beings have ever created. It is visited by a huge number of visitors from across the globe on a regular basis, as the information provided on the site is based completely on the facts. The site has a reputation in the international market as a credible information resource.

Wikipedia has a number of attributes that make it an exceptionally good marketing platform and this is the reason why many of the marketers are considering Wikipedia one of the best digital marketing strategies for businesses. Since Wikipedia has a policy that it allows all of its visitors to contribute information to it, any business that fits the notability criteria of Wikipedia can add its page to the site in order to contribute to the site’s  information resources, which will  also benefit the business in achieving its marketing goals. 

Businesses can get assistance for making their Wikipedia page from any marketing consultancy or writing agency that can provide them with Wikipedia writing service. However small businesses, startups, and businesses with lo marketing budget can choose to make their own business page without needing an outside help. All they need is a good writing skill along with refined research abilities.

This article is an attempt to provide businesses with a thorough guide for creating a Wikipedia page. Read on to learn a step by step method for creating your own Wikipedia page. 

1. Have an account 

The first step to make a Wikipedia page is to have an account on the site. Make sure that your account on Wikipedia has credible credentials and any of the information that you provided on the site while making your account is not incorrect. That is because Wikipedia has a very strict ruling against fake profiles and it immediately blocks the IP address that contains any incorrect information. 

2. Start with research 

Even though you may claim that you know everything about your business, it is still recommended that you start the process of making your business page with research. Find out all the information about your business from all aspects and list down each and everything that you can get hands on. Take out all the significant stats and keep them at an accessible distance before you start writing. Also, collect all the evidences and proofs to support the facts that you are going to include in the content of your page for Wikipedia. Make sure all the evidences and references are highly credible.

3. Writing Style and Structuring

When you begin to write the content for your Wikipedia page, make sure that you follow the official writing style and structure of the Wikipedia articles. Find a similar page on Wikipedia and use it as a reference to make the process of writing easier and to ensure that you follow everything correctly. Use a simplistic language along with a comprehendible sentence structure. Keep in mind that the visitors of the page can be from anywhere in the world and thus, the English should be understandable for everyone.

4. Edit and Proofread

After finishing the writing process and completing the content for the page, you need to move to a very important step of proofreading and editing. Proofreading and editing of the content are essential for finalizing the content by removing any major or minor errors. Editing should be done to eliminate any grammatical or writing errors from the draft before final submission. It is better to ask some other person to edit and proofread the content. Try to ask an expert of writing to do the task so that they will be able to point out mistakes and correct them more effectively.

5. Submission

After finalizing the writing and getting done with proofreading and multiple editing stages, the final draft is ready to be submitted to the editors of Wikipedia. Wikipedia editors who work voluntarily gets across 600plus drafts for articles each day and so, it can take a lot of time for them to reach to your draft. Wait at least a week before you start to panic about whether your article is selected or not. After a week, you can start working on a new article on the topic because getting published on Wikipedia in the first attempt is almost a dream and happens rarely. So, even if you fail the first time, do not destress and start working again.


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