Another essential part of a designer’s job is to work within the limited and available resources and inherited assists. However, it all depends on how well and professionally you utilize those assets and resources. When it comes to designing one of the vital business assets like logo, not all logos are pretty and well-designed company’s representation. The reason could be anything, poor choice of the colors, shades and contrasts or the unprofessionalism of the designer. Whatever the reason might be, if a company ends up with a poor log design, there’s a high chance that they refuse to go for a brand identity redo. If that’s the case, then you don’t have much options and choices left, but you do have a few options that you might want to try out. Enlisted below are few of the workable options in such cases:

1.    Not-so-pretty logos:

The logo forms the central and core part of the design and absence of it showcases the unprofessionalism of the designer. From well-thought-out logo design to proper placement, a logo design is one of the crucial aspects of the design. Most of the website integrates the logo design in a particular designated spot, the right size and place of the logo is what adds a professional touch to your design.

2.    Poorly selected colors:

The dilemma of the professional logo designers is the choice of right colors. Where many designers end up going for the worst shades and tones, make sure that selected color combination goes well with your brand message and values. Leverage the white space and make your design stand out by using proper contrasting techniques and color combination. Minimize the negative impact of a design by using gradients and other effects and filters.

3.    Poor quality graphics:

With Zen in trend and simplicity ruling the design industry, proper use of white space has become an important part of the design. Make the small images and graphics the center and point of focus and use larger images with blurry backgrounds to bring out the visual appeal of the design. Lastly, to make images better and improve the quality of the images, make appropriate use of filters and effects to enhance the artistic feel of the images and graphics. Make the images well-saturated, set the right lights and grain effects to make your images look like a piece of art.

4.    UI elements:

When it comes to making a client-centric interface and design, it is necessary to consider the provided assets and make proper use of them in your design. Make sure that the provided widgets work well with the design and that all the other design elements blend in well with those assets.

5.    Embrace the ugly:

When nothing works well for your design and every approach to beautify it is unsuccessful; it is better to embrace it ad workaround to it to make it better. Call it an innovation to retro style or design irony; website designing is more about functionality and efficiency than design beatification. It’s all about giving the user what they require in the most efficient and quickest way. Providing the user with their requirements and needs in a timely manner is worth more than a few high-definition pictures and images and high-resolution backgrounds and aesthetics.


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