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When we talk about mobile browsing, we like to start with a simple question – a trick, we mean. How many of your potential users do you think you’ll lose with a mobile site that loads in 4 seconds? 5, 10, 20%?

The correct answer is more than 40%. Whether they are looking for information on the fly, whether they are on the means to go home or any other short break in the day, your users have no time to waste: if within 3 seconds your site is still not usable, almost half of those who clicked to view your mobile page will cancel the search and continue exploring. Maybe right on your competitors’ page. In short, it’s time to speed up your site on mobile.

But as a computer the problem does not arise”, someone will observe. In response, the data comes: according to We Are Social, around 49 million people use their mobile devices to surf the net. 80% of the population. However, the problem is not just numerical. In the face of the very strong expansion in the use of smartphones, search engines have equipped themselves: already by the end of 2017, Google penalizes sites that do not allow a correct display on small screens. If some doubts about the usability of your site, you can always do a quick check on the Test Site my Google, it’s free!)

How to speed up the page?

There are some things you can do to improve the speed of your mobile site; we have chosen 5, the simplest:

1- Reduce HTTP requests to the server

Up to 80% of a page’s loading time is due to downloading the various components, such as images, scripts and style sheet. To do this, two approaches can be taken: reduce the size of the download by compressing and optimizing the files, or reducing the download frequency.

2- Put the Javascript code at the bottom, the CSS at the beginning

Javascript code execution takes time and resources. If priority is given to this, obviously the loading of styles and html will happen later, making the wait for the user longer. It is advisable to keep only the original Javascript codes at the top of the page, while the others can be placed at the bottom.

3- Upload the above-the-fold content before the below-the-fold content

It is simply a matter of giving priority to uploading visible content to your page without scrolling, so that the user can start browsing while the rest of the site is still loading.

4- Eliminate 404 errors and reduce redirects

It’s time to pull out the Google Search Console and verify that there are no broken links or 301 errors on your pages, which add precious milliseconds to page loading and worsen browsing.

5- Test the results with the 3G network

It is easy to fall into temptation in the city and take a look at the results of one’s efforts using the 4G network – with the risk of having staggered results compared to those who see those who have a less performing network or are in an area with less signal.

AMP pages

Speaking of fast loading of mobile pages, it is impossible not to mention the AMP project, Accelerated Mobile Pages, led by Google. It is an open source library that integrates 3 main components: HTML AMP is essentially extended HTML with custom AMP properties; AMP JS ensures fast rendering of HTML AMP pages; and finally, the Google AMP Cache, a proxy-based content distribution network that allows the publication of all validated AMP documents.

This technology allows an almost instant loading of the pages, so that with 3G connection the same page in AMP format is loaded 4 times faster. As an additional benefit, Google favors the AMP page on the search engine, which as a mobile is displayed with the specific symbol.

The system was originally designed and applied for online news sites, but it is a very useful resource for all those sites that contain heterogeneous elements, such as ecommerce, marketplaces and more. However, we remind you that the AMP system does not replace Content Distribution Networks, which allow traffic to be distributed over different nodes.

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