In a span of 2 decades, Wikipedia has grown to be one of the most popular online informational platforms. It currently ranks among st the top 10 popular websites around the world so you might have gotten an idea of its popularity already. Some of the most famous online sites are usually social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook but Wikipedia has become an exception.

However, now this online free encyclopedia has emerged to be a very powerful marketing platform. Brands and individuals alike have been relying on Wikipedia for multiple purposes. These purposes vary for every person and organization. Some want online visibility, while some want to generate traffic. Even if you do not know how to make a page yourself, you have the option of choosing a Wikipedia page creation service. Know that the options are endless and you will never run out of them.

Now that you understand the role Wikipedia is playing for digital marketing, the next is to know how Wikipedia can help you with digital and online branding.

Steps for publishing on Wikipedia

The required steps for either writing from scratch on Wikipedia or editing an already existing page, some things have to be considered. Those things are not random speculations instead proper rules created by Wikipedia itself.

Here are all the steps required in both creating and editing Wikipedia pages.

1. Initially, you might believe you have the topic for an article but the topic is not the only thing you need. First research and look into the rules of Wikipedia to understand how this site actually works.

2. Now, the next step is the creation of your Wikipedia account. Make sure you have chosen an email address with an IP that has not been previously banned on Wikipedia.

3. Since getting pages approved on Wikipedia takes time, you can test out your writing skills by making actual edits on Wikipedia pages. The editors will first check the changes and then if they deem fit they will approve them or else the approval will be impossible.

4. Once you have chosen the topic for your page, the next step is to gather all the required sources and references that can be added as citations to your page. There is a separate section for citations that should not be left out.

5. Write the content very carefully and immaculately. Make sure you have revised every aspect and then the next step is of finalization. This requires proper revision and proofreading of content that can be done so using content editing tools.

6. After you are done writing the content and you have your complete confidence in it, the next step is to send it to Wikipedia for a final review. It does take time for the editors to give a green light to your content since they get countless of pages for review.

7. Finally, if approved, your page will be approved. No one will hold the authority to delete your page but if you upload additional content and make edits that Wikipedia does not support, maybe then it is going to be deleted.

Further essential details about Wikipedia

Even if you have a presence on Wikipedia, it does not mean you would begin exploiting your power. The Wikipedia moderators have been governing the website and they quickly notice any activities going on. So, it is better not to ruin your image as the Wikipedia platform itself is a community that highly appreciates and promotes proper communication with other writers, editors, contributors, and readers.

While all the details you would want to know are easily available through the guidelines page but sometimes, trivial details can be overlooked. These details are usually related to notability testing since only notable individuals have the opportunity to have Wikipedia pages. Notability and online presence matter the most and without it, Wikipedia will never give its approval for your page.

The other important part is about promotions and marketing. Blatantly promotional and advertising content is never accepted at the website. So, when you have made your decision to get a Wikipedia page, know that it cannot be treated as a platform for marketing in any way. It entirely depends upon your talent to formulate content in such a manner that it looks both promotional and yet written in a tone that is complete to the person who reads it.


If you are new to the domain of Wikipedia writing so these tips will confuse you a bit but if you have understood the points and tips we have formulated then the page creation process will not be too difficult to understand and execute. Within no time, you will get a hold on to the guidelines.


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