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Anyone can create a logo, but not everyone can design the right logo
David Airey

Designing a logo may seem like an easy job, but there is much to create a perfect logo than just placing your company’s names in shape and adding colour to it. From a complete research process, selecting the perfect colour, font size, and styles to shapes and images, there is a lot to think about when designing a logo.

A logo design is not a pictorial representation of your company; it also introduces your brand to the world, making a unique brand identity. An individual only takes 3 seconds to make an opinion about something. With this said, it is important for a company to design a logo which inspires trust, loyalty, and admiration of the brand.

Here are the seven most important characteristics of perfect logo design.

Originality in design


Where trends are necessary to follow for designing logos, it can sometimes imitate the designs, making them common. Uniqueness and originality of the design come with the imagination and creativity of the designer. It helps in creating a unique brand identity and helps you to stay afloat in the raging sea of businesses. Where it is absolutely recommendable to hire a professional for the job, you can also take advantage of free custom logo maker to design a creative logo on your own.

Make it relevant to your business


Uniqueness is not the only factor which can affect your brand. You need to make your design relevant to your business. For example, childish logo design may work for a toy company, but it may not have the right impression for a technical company. Know your business and make a brand mission, set values, and understand your audience before you start with the designing process. This can ensure if your logo is appropriate for the brand.

Make it simple


Too many colors or more than one font in a single image can produce various meanings and message which might confuse the audience. You need to make sure that your design is understandable form anywhere—a small screen of the phone, a banner, a display picture of your Facebook page, and more.

Make it versatile


Making it simple isn’t the only thing that can ensure recognition. Brand identity is also reliable on the versatility of the design, which can ensure its usability across the various platforms and applications. A logo design should not lose its essence when tweaked into different sizes of shades of colors.

Recognizable and memorable


The purpose of making a logo design is making the brand memorable. Make sure that your design can be recognized from a distance. There are many different types of logos that you can use, but you need to remember that every design has its own unique factor like there’s best lawyers in australia they have also unique logo which can affect the impact it makes on the audience.

Timeless designs

Timelessness is about staying in the market without having the need to rebrand the design. Not only can rebranding be stressful, but it can also be costly, and might not have the same impact on the audience as it did before. Think about all the renowned brands of the time, such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Apple, and more, which have one thing in common—their logos have not been changed since the company’s inception. So choose your colors and fonts wisely to make the design timeless.



Finding a way to stand out in the digital world can be challenging for a business. However, a unique design can make a solid impression on your audience, compelling them to choose you over the competitors.


It won’t wring to say that a company’s logo design is a signature which can make an identity for your business. So represent your company in a way that your audience is mesmerized to look out for your products and services.


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