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A logo design is a symbol use by an organization to increase their recognition among the public. Widely known wok as the face of the company, it is a symbol which represents the mission and vision of an organization. Therefore it is a major step which a business must not be dabbled with. 

Be it an e-commerce business, an NGO or a tech startup, logo designing is an extremely important aspect which need to be considered before getting the word out in the market. It can be denied that every business and enterprise that wants to build a brand and leave a mark on the audience. If done right, a creative design can make a huge difference in making an impression on the audience.

Designing a logo design is not an easy task. It is a combination of creativity and skills to make it right. A designer needs to understand the important factors and elements of a logo which make a logo design unique and visually appealing. This article is going to discuss the ten vital feature that needs consideration while designing a logo.

Relevance of design with business


Define your business to design a logo which represents what your business stands for. The background colours, the symbol and other elements of the design should be able to represent your business and brand. Your logo is a symbol with which the customers will gain the attention. This is something that make a brand for your business.

A customer remembers the image better than the name of the business. Having a logo design which is relevant to your business can make a significant effect in making an impression on the audience. In other words, the more your design elements are in sync, the better impression will it make on the audience.

It should be timeless

should be timeless

Every business wants to be recognized. While designing a logo, you need to consider the factors which can make your logo design cheap and easy to remember. You need to design a logo which is timeless and you don’t have to change it just as a short-lived trend.

Often it happens companies rebranding don’t always end up making the same impression as they had before they launched a new logo. One of the greatest examples of such company is GAP who launched the new logo in 2010 which resulted in a significant draw back for their company. This is one the major reasons why you need to consider the future visions of your company while designing a logo.

See through you’re the eyes of the audience.


The target customers is the priority concern for your business. A company’s traffic and revenue is dependent upon the target audience. Since your logo will be the face of your company, you need consider on creative solution tech it looking through the eyes of your audience to make sure it successfully engages it towards your company. 

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