Illustrators are focused on developing good illustration styles that would make them appear distinctive and authentic in the competitive markets of today. They put in efforts to bring a style that is suited to all the demanded illustration types in the present market. Developing such a versatile illustration style that would also help an artist stand out is not an easy thing. Many artists fail to develop a style of their own, let alone it being distinctive and versatile at the same time.

However, it is not impossible to develop a style that would serve well for your growth as an artist while meeting the needs of the project demands in the market. There are illustration artists who have demonstrated the potentials to deliver best of the works without leaving out their personal illustration style and artistic preferences. Such artists learn to master the style by experiences a variety of projects. They do not refuse anything and try their hands on everything, including children book illustration to the illustrations for social media projects.

Experiencing all sort of works is one of the ways of learning illustration style and becoming an expert and demanded illustrator. However, this is not the only contributing factor for building a versatile illustration style. There are other factors, as well. Lets discuss them in the rest of the article.

The style in illustration demands to master of the skill at first, and having the expertise to work around multiple sorts of projects is the foundation for building a unique and versatile style in illustration designing. Styling in illustration, however, does not stop here. It demands an extensive practice of going through the works of good designers and illustrators. Looking at others’ works and learning the techniques to deliver a certain design in a specific way is the key. It opens the mind of the illustrator and makes them have amazing ideas about the styles in illustration.

When an artist tries to copy the styles of different top artists, he/she learns the techniques to style a common illustration project. They get a chance to explore a huge number of designing techniques and comes to know how they can combine different styles of illustration to formulate a unique style that would go effectively with different projects.

So the key idea is to explore the works of the top artists and make a deliberate effort to learn from them. It is important to have an idea about how other artists build a strategy of working with multiple different projects while keeping a distinctive style of work. This teaches the new illustrators about the secrets of how to design illustrations that would meet the needs of the specific project for which it is designed without compromising on their own artistic values. However, one that needs to be taken care of in such a scenario is that one should not fall in the trap of copying someone else’s style with or without realization.


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