There is no doubt about how the industry of app is consistently evolving. The growth and development in the mobile app industry are incredible as there is almost an app today for nearly everything. With the intense expansion and explosion, the preference and evolution of each app being introduced very incredibly. Each time viewed there is a new trending app that is popular across the globe where the audience can relate with them for various reasons. For instance, the best examples are such as WhatsApp, Facebook and the other apps that are enjoyed to date on a vast scale at various parts around the world.

Today to create an iPhone app and Android is no difficult task especially with all the app development companies that are extensively found. Like every successful app, it is crucial to be accessible on both platforms. Likewise is the app Yolo, that current is considered to be the most popular app that resides across the globe. Though unfortunately the app Yolo is being found to be flawed. As the app has been analyzed to influence and even be used at length to bully people with few other darker aspects that easily can be carried out.

Even though Yolo was not exposed through any widespread out advertisement or any detailed guide on how to use it then too the popularity of the app was extremely rapidly. The growth of the app was experienced much more than the usual on the mobile app stores. Over the previous few months, the download number of the Yolo app rocketed making it the topmost app downloaded from free stores on both the iOS and Android platforms. This rating was attained on a global scale since there was a vast number of people that downloaded it from various parts of the world.

Yolo is created in a special manner where it is intended to be used as a way for the users to anonymously ask questions to other users that abide on Snapchat. The person who receives the question can then post them on their Snapchat Stories. That will allow their followers to view the responses and this practice was the actual reason that was able to influence/ encourage the spread of the app Yolo.

The NSPCC came forth to warn that such a practice in an app will allow users to send derogatory anonymous messages that easily be miss used. To this point they highlighted, an app that has such aspects can conveniently be used to send abusive contexts in a manner to exploit the younger audience that resides on Snapchat. Numerous other unappropriated and corrupt ways can be implied via the anonymous messaging feature added to the app Yolo.

The app Yolo was developed through the use of Snap Kit which was a piece of software from Snapchat. The developers created an app for iPhone/Android, Yolo being compatible with both. Using a piece from the software of Snapchat enabled the app developers to integrate their product with a collision with a popular Social Network. And in this case, the collision was made with Snapchat to create the Yolo. The app is functioned in a manner where the user views the request and can respond via Yolo. Further once the original poster responds then the replies are posted back to their Snapchat Stories.

According to various records, numerous other anonymous platforms have been facing the issue of online abuse in the past. The NSPCC’s associate head for Child Online Safety, Andy Burrows came forth to state that, “Apps such as Yolo that allow anonymous comments could be easily misused to send abusive or upsetting messages.” Further, he went on by saying, “Snapchat should justify how this app meets their duty of care to children.”

The essence of his statement since presented that the Government must introduce an independent regulator that will the powers to that every tech company is enforced to consider every risk that their services could present to children. In correspondence, the NSPCC recently also issued a warning on their Net Aware Site which has been created with the association of O2 about anonymous apps. That clearly states that the anonymous apps are starting to increase in popularity amongst kids and safety precautions are too abided asap.

The Government published a white paper on online harm which was released recently last month. The white paper on online harm proposed that the introduction is a mandatory duty of care for every tech and social entities that reside across the globe. Making it essential for each of them to pledge to protect their users and on not being able to protect the user as a consequence punishments will be enforced as a penalty from the independent regulator. Till this point, Snapchat has yet not passed any comment on the app Yolo.


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